Golden Wings, A Pure Golden Heart


                Falling in love has never been easy for me, but now I have given u a chance to love me and u've given me a chance to love u, I have fallen passionatly and deepley in love with u, Frank! I know there are days when u are down, I know when ur sad, I know when ur loosing ur hope and faith, I know who u are and most important I am committing my heart and soul to u, forever!! U know that life isn't easy and nor was it meant too be either, but u should know by now, " that when the world walks out on ya and leaves u behinde, to treat u like crap, I will always be there to treat u with respect, give u understanding, and give u all my love, together we will get through anything with out faith"! I know there are times I loose my way, there are times I loose my faith, there are times I cannot see because I am too blinded to see, there are times I feel so weary, there are times I feel so losted, there are times I cannot find my way back to reality, but for I know and u've proven it too me that u are the golden wings of my heart and my life that keeps me strong and helps me see when I have astrayed way too far out, from seeing reality, u've proven this too me in so many ways, the meanningful one I can give an example of is " when I cry, u are there to hold me and u lean ur listing ears to hear my burdens that are laying upon my shoulders, and u just telling me I love u and its gonna be ok"! There has been so many times I have douted forever that I would find that special someone to love me for me forever, and for me to love them forever, but ur golden wings, Frank, has shown me different, u are the love of my life, u are the air I breathe, u are what makes me more gratefull in life, u remind me of how blessed I truley am, and most important ur golden wings are my light in the shawdos, another words love has found me through u, when I almost gave up! I wanna spend the rest of my life with u, my soul mate, the one person I am truey and deepley in love with, and forever will always be! Frank u are a true man, a man with golden wings, and a golden heart!


Decatied to Frank my bf and soul mate, the one who makes me happier than I have ever been before:}

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I agree with destiney24, the feelings are beyond words when you are in love like that! TAKE CARE!!!