My worst fear is to not exist..

Whats ur worst fear?
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My worst fear is to exist.
By that I mean, to find this is my full existence, the way it is for me now will be the way it is to the end. But I guess fears are there for us to face, push through and grow by.

U hav regrets living?

I don't like living with AvPD, it's not a very high quality of life. But others have it much worse so I try to focus on the good and not the bad. Regrets living? I have times I think of ending the AvPD suffering, yes. But something always pushes me into tomorrow.

Whats avpd

Avoidant personality disorder - the lonely loner syndrome. We stay to ourselves so it's a lonely life we lead...

If some stranger started a convo with u chat her or him?

In real life? Not really. I politely answer then leave. Online is different, I feel like myself here, not needing to isolate myself.

How long hav u chatted online? I think if u continue this ull open up in real life gradually :)

No, it's nothing one is cured from. Before I got online, no one ever saw or heard from me, online gave me a voice, gave me a life. I have always been this way. Now I am more open thanks to online.

But not in real life. That will never change. I reman the lone wolf.

R u working? U work alone?

I'm an artist - freelance, I work at home. I have an agent who gets me work but it's not steady. Hard lYes, alone. I was married, but life with an AvPD is not easy.

U hav kids? Seems difficult.. R u willing to change this?

There is no kids and no change. It is something i developed after a brain infection, damage. I learn to adapt. That's life

R u ok with that?

I've been this way about 5 years now, I'm just now accepting it ))

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To become swag less. Hmm probably me being the last man on earth stuck and unable to leave my house id breakdown fkr memories and sadness

Yea being alone sucks..