Blunt,Arrogant,VERY opinionated,Self-Absorbed..Take No Chit From Anyone At ANY Time..Very Loving & Romantic.. We Are Said To Be The MOST Sexual Sign Of The Zodiac..When It Comes To Trust,We Have Trust Issues..We Seem To Examine & Interrogate...

Miseree Miseree
36-40, M
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My Rising Sign Is Scorpio! Represent!

:0.. Thank You All For Your Posts.... I Encourage More Posts All The Time...

SCORPIOS RULE!!!!! I love my starsign and am proud to be a Scorpio! I would say I am a very typical Scorpio woman who Would love to make friends with other Scorps :) <br />
<br />
Its weird actually - my Dad's also a Scorpio (we are too much alike thus clash!) my mum's a Cancer (she's also my best friend) and my twin brothers (had they not been stillborn) would of been Pisceans! So there you have the whole Water sign group in the one family - and it was not even planned! Fate perhaps? or just a freaky coincedence

I am a scorpio and very happy. We, as a rule are easy to get along with. However, sometimes people try to take advantage of us and rub us the wrong way. If we can talk about, I will let them know my feelings. If they have caused me damage, I will go to great lenths to get even. One time a client screwed me out of some money and told me to go **** myself. I waited a short time and ****** up all his construction machinery.