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Welcome All New Members...

I'd like to teake the time to welcome all new members to this group..I appreciate each post,whomever contributed to the cause.. I encourage nothing to positivity.. It is really great to see people 'posting' about horoscopes.. I really do enjoy everything associated with astrology.. A deep fascination, is an understatement.. Thanks goes out to all of you.. Enjoy!!!!!

Miseree Miseree 36-40, M 1 Response Apr 13, 2010

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You know,I think we'd get along like a house on fire :)<br />
Have been into Astrology for years and love the fact that you are deeply fascinated by it also<br />
You know (typical Scorpio thing! :P) I find you pretty intriguing<br />
What is it about other Scorps?! I either love em or hate em usually! Usually attracted to em though,one way or another...