"it's Not Easy To Be Me"

No one knows how I could possibly feel. I moved from California to Pennsylvania when I was 3 because my dad threatened me and my mom by running us over with a truck. When we moved out here my brother and I had to use a bunkbed because we lived in a 2 room trailor. When we moved in town we had to get rid of one of the best dogs we ever had for my mom's new boyfriend. That led to marriage and my little sister. But here's what he did: used my sister as a hostage, tried to burn the house down with everyone in it, tried to ram my mom and her car off the road with his truck, threatened to mail a bomb to our house, and is still trying to cause more trouble. I've gone through Arizona with a comforter and a sweatshirt on while there was hardly any room. I had a dog I was willing to die for, and he got away from me. My aunt moved out here with us and now my family is all split up and I can't tell truth from lies. Who to trust and who to watch. I feel as though I'm stuck in the enemy's base in a war. No one knows who I am and know one knows how it feels to be me. Like David Grey's "It's Not Easy to be Me".

JenerationExotic JenerationExotic
13-15, F
Feb 7, 2010