Life Is Wonderful Still

It is difficult to see what life brings good
as it is easy to close the eyes and cross the street.
It is hard to convince yourself what could make you happy
as it is always easy to find that something is missing. 
It is difficult to make someone happy
as it is easy to make them sad. 
It is hard to say „I love you“
just as it is easier to say nothing.
It is difficult to appreciate love
as it is easy to lose it forever. 
It is hard to thank for today 
as it is easy to live another day. 
It is difficult to make someone smile
just as it is easy to make them cry. 
It is hard to walk in someone else’s shoes
as it is easy to look at your own navel. 
If you make mistakes, apologize ... 
Is it difficult to ask for forgiveness? 
But who said it's easy to be forgiven? 
If someone was wrong with you, forgive them... 
Is it hard to forgive? 
But who said it's always easy to regret? 
If you feel something, say it ... 
Is it difficult to open up?
But who said it's always easy to find someone who wants to listen?
If someone calls you, listen to... 
Is it hard to hear certain things? 
But who says it's always easy to listen to you? 
If someone loves you, treasure them ... 
Is it difficult to keep the hope?
But who says it's always easy to be happy? 
I know nothing  is as easy as it seems... 
But, surely, nothing is impossible ... 
And life is wonderful still
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5 Responses Aug 22, 2012

These are so many feelings and such true things that you have connected so beautifully together.<br />
Thank you for writing this.

Excellently thought out and presented. I enjoyed this very much. So true, and so easily understood. Nothing is ever impossible even if it is highly improbable.....

This may be one of your greatest works. This is beautiful, insightful, supportive, eloquent...<br />
<br />
hmmmmm...<br />
<br />
I could use those same adjectives about the author. In fact, I believe I have....

Every word is true. That's always a good reason to not let the moment pass. Life is too short not to make the most of it. We should always try to make it wonderful.<br />
Beautiful writing as always. :)

awwww Princess .... you always express the best thoughts .... :o))))