Finding Inner Beauty

ive been battling life for a while. looking for a reason to be somebody; to do something great. if only i could get past the bullshit that drags me back to the ground every time. i have hope that someday i will. did you ever look at life like, people are broken up into groups. some are well off. by that i mean a great job, have there friends and overcome there obstacles despite the constant bashing in there heads. everything looks great so what else is there to question. some are suicidal. some have phobias. but still i think we all play an important role. without evil how would we know how good feels. still there could only be one. there is only one Stevie wonder, Abraham Lincoln, and Socrates. there is a type of insanity that comes with thinking outside the box. i can bet some people if not most feel that what i am saying is boring. maybe it is. but i think its fear. with this horrifying feeling who would want to truly be different. youlle get beer cans thrown at you. i felt that fear when i decided that i wanted to study the constellations and all of space. i always wanted more and space...its infinite. it goes on and on. i can ask any question and im not limited to this one tiny speck in the whole universe. any question is important no matter how dumb it sounds. but still even though i sound like i know what i am talking about, i know nothing. i just ask myself in anything i choose to be...can i be the one.

spacemaiden spacemaiden
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I would love to know more about your book. I hope to write a book of my own someday. I'm a strong believer in studying life through the eyes of a journey man. I'm still developing skills in order to understand people and myself as well. But I guess that is the process that it takes to find the truth in all of the secrets that the world holds. Tell me more about your book.

Hello spacemaiden,none of your viewpoints seem boring to me. In fact, I am currently writing a book along these lines. For more info. get in touch.