It's the Same Ratio

I was just jumping from page to page online not really looking for a particular and I came across this page that said female sex offenders so I entered the site and all of the offenders were TEACHERS!!!  That was bad enough but, I immediately noticed something else.  They were WHITE.  Out of 36 offenders listed two were African American and there were no other nationalities.  I have made note of the fact that the majority of male child rapists and molesters are white.  I wonder why it is that whites have this "thing" for raping and victimizing children?  There are white folks who will get offended and throw a fit but it won't change the truth.  We've all seen the programs about pedophiles.  We've seen the pictures posted and know that it's as I have stated.  There are more white child sexual predators per capita than other ethnic groups.  ALL nationalities have child rapists.  All countries have sexually abused children.  It's rampant in America though isn't it.  There are a lot of sex crimes against children in England, Australia and Germany too.  The information is available online so it can be researched.  With everything else visited on others this seems to be self inflicted.
Comprehensive2 Comprehensive2
Aug 18, 2007