In the virtual world...
Perhaps you will forget what I said
Perhaps you will forget what I did
In the real world...
If you let me feel your soul
If you let me touch your heart

I know once you meet me
You will never forget me
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8 Responses Jul 14, 2012

Wow, You make intellectual sex better than I remember physical sex! of course it has been so long since I have experience and enjoyed either! Thank you TendereyesPrincess, so much!

I am a rather forgettable person, but I have a feeling that no one would ever forget you...

I like this. I read a lot of your stuff but this is one of my favorites. Very nice.

How true

In the virtual world you are unforgettable. In the real world I can only wait. Spreading my wings to fly. :)

Yeah right...., no one here is forgetting you.... Good Gravy, you're unforgettable !

That is right I will never our friendship. this poem is just beautiful

Beautiful !!!