I wish I'd find one. I've been here so long I actually don't remember anything...well, much. They are beautiful and its a beautiful place. I believe there are many races and from many different planets. Those Arcturians sound like "farm assists". :D

Good work guys!yes
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Kitty Chanel, What is That Pattern? I have seen One like This in one of My dreams, and the explanation I had recieved while Dreaming, was that this 'represented'both an 'Energy' feild of a 'Pulsar' and also serves as a 'Glyph'for a 'wormhole', or 'Vortex'. This looks like an ariel photograph, but with 'modern' Image Technologies, could also be 'Computer Generated'.

Ever Since the BP Disaster. I have been on the hunt for what I thought I saw as a Crop Circle that looked like BP's logo. I was wondering if we got a warning and never noticed it. Everytime I see the White, Yellow, Chartreuse, Yellow-Green, Jade Green Sunflower Logo Image. It always makes me think of a Crop Circle I seen and I like to know when and where it happen.

i just need to say,<br />
<br />
the mind is like a parachute, it only works when its open...<br />
im so glad your flying free. :)

http://kepler.nasa.gov/<br />
<br />
They might find it soon.