Wonderful Tool


(1.) Indivial tool 

  Pain creates a different/alternative level of awareness. Lakota Shaman will “cry for a vision”. This means they will endure great pain to achieve this alternative level of awareness. The most famous method is to hang from a sacred tree by ropes attached to eagle claws that are pierced into the skin of there chest.

South American Shaman will place parts of their bodies into a Fire Ant mound to achieve the same level of alternative awareness.

The Dark Goddess can not be reached except by the path of severe pain. She has gifted me with great pain through out my life so I am able to be with Her often. Lol. These last eight years, She has been generous!!!   

  (2.) Species tool 

  Pain is the motivator for evolution.

I believe that the first amphibious creature left the womb of the Ocean because it was being chased by a shark. Lol.

We know now that the forest fire is good for the forest. 

  Without pain, death, and destruction we would have stagnation.

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thanks for understanding and all else you do. It takes a special man to adimit he is wrong...DD

KISS KISS flourlady111. KISS KISS...DD

Well DD- another interesting and intriging story- You always manage to do it!

NovemberTears, I would never wish pain on my friend. Never you. OK? Pain is another word for challenge and I incourged my boys to face many challenge knowing there would be pain. Understand. <br />
I believe Mother Goddess is testing my will to live by giving me more and more and more pain. My illness comes with extreme pain ever day and is worst at night. I wake up and thank my Goddess for the challenge She has given me. If I am strong enough maybe I can become a Dark Angel. It could happen. Ha! Life is interesting!...DD

Iam very ill and will leve for awhile

AndrewPenney, relax. Mother bears are calmer then you. Ha! StellaKowalski has many great points. I agree with most of her commit. Gift is just a nice word to off set ondess put on word by people who want just good times in life. Ha! I have today lot of gift besuse Mother want to challenge me more make me strong er. LOTS of pain TODay!!!!!Ha! Love HER!!! ONLY BEST for Her son.yus. hs help<br />
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<br />
AndrewPenney AndrewPenney AndrewPenney stop an use head. READ _ 'SURVIVAL OF THE SICKEST" We used to take ner born to meassle paty to expose them MAKE THGEM STRONGF GET IT> <br />
Dark MOYher way too strong help me me die HUMans are way to many need to kill much more so some can life? Dac uyo no stanD? Need disease yes soo na all die if too easy DAMN it AP!! BID PICHTER>

virginlove, to know that nothing has the essence of "evil" is to allow you to embrace all that is "you" and the world created around you. To be whole is holy/perfect...DD

That's a really good point, and I have embraced extreme pain in my life, on all levels. Your the 1st one to introduce the Holy Mother to me and I've given her a lot of thought. I plan on researching The Warrior Queen, Queen of Witches. It's very intriguing. Thanks.

i accept your commit, I welcom your commit.<br />
<br />
I have noticed though that when someone speaks of the glory of joy that no one feels the need to mention the glory of pain. Almost no one...DD