To just come over read my story, and realize that they stupidly wasted their minute or two, and may be leave some comments.

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Im stupedd! lol..

No problem, you are crafty and intelligent and I am sure that you will counter with something very hard to argue!

Lol dude, I dont give up that easily, just that you are on the up side of see-saw atm!

Hey man you are a winner all the time in mine eyes!!! :-) lol

Hehe, Ok I loose to that comment. *humbly bows* :(

I will acknowledge that the story was stupid written by a smart guy. But to think that someone is stupid for reading is a false assumption because you cannot determine if the story is stupid or not until you have finished reading it. It is true that those who read it have wasted 10 to 15 seconds (most people read faster than two lines per minute). I also acknowledge that I lost another minute writing this comment, but by the same token I gained five more EP points that I can put to use in sending a gift to my friends! It is all good in the end!

flutter should you not be giving that advice to yourself first? :P<br />
<br />
<br />
Btw I just followed you again!

Haha and I followed mia? :P

Oh, I am sorry if what you did was not commenting!<br />
<br />
Stop making lame excuses flutter! :P

I'm not stupid. It only took me a second to read this lame *** story... and I'm not even going to bother commenting.. NOPE<br />
<br />
~ sticks tongue out at the ELF ~