I know so many people who enjoy others misery, I thinks it's because the are miserable beings and can't stand others happiness.

It's hard when these people are someone close to me, then whenever I enjoy something I have to endure a lot of skepticism and anger!

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Your Grace,<br />
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Thank you very much for your advice, I am not as graceful and charismatic as you are, my stare does not have Rasputin's effect! but I'll try that.<br />
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Thank you again

Thank you very much Blue Bird, you are so right, we shouldn't let them get to us, and fighting them back by hurting them wouldn't work either.<br />
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God bless you, and thanks for the advice

I have heard that hurting people hurt others,And i have been on their receiving end at times <br />
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keep growing yourself, become strongrt,and not let them get to you..God Bless

I am really happy for you, wish you all the best and happiness.

Amazingly enough I'm taking her to the airport in about 3 hours! So these wounds are very fresh and I'm not quite all the way out of it. Tonight I sleep alone! And I'm going to love every damn minute of it. I wont be alone for long.

Dearest Texdeb, I sympathize with you. You are right, when it is a close family member you just have to endure! and wish them happiness so they would stop bugging you for being happy.<br />
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Thank you for your comment

I had the same problem with my mother in law. In her misery she could not stand for anyone else to be happy. There are others in my family just like that or getting to that point and it is very depressing because when I am happy then there is always someone trying to bring me down. When it is close family though there is not much you can do about it.

@MagicWolf: Good thing is you have broken out of such negative relationship, I know exactly what you mean, I had a relationship like that. I don't blame him, more than I blame myself, I know he loved me but I think he was a bit competitive, he wanted to be happier, funnier, the one with more friends, the one with more income, and to insure that he was killing me! sucking life out of me beautifully explains it.<br />
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Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the comment

@ floarlady: I know, I only wish them happiness that's the only cure

@ Sathanas: I may be over 30 now, but I used to be a teenager, I know how it works, I used to wish bad things for people and it's not that I was sadist, it's just some people don't understand teenagers, their energy and passion. Wish you all the best

I just ended a relationship that was based on that very thing. We seemed to feed into each others misery and over time they would build to larger miserys and then they started being ailments. No kidding weirdest thing I've ever had happen in my life. And everytime a bit of happiness would creep in it would somehow get killed by all the misery. I'm a basicly happy person and this was just killing me. It was like the life was being sucked right out of me. I was ill a lot and depressed horriibly all the time. She ran all my friends off because they saw it and tried to help me. Anything that seemed like it was going to suceed in my life was somehow sabatoged or put down. Way bad to have to live that way. I'm finally free of the bullshit or real close to it and I can already feel a cloud lifting and my attitude improving. I have many things that will have to be figured out now as far as my living arrangement but I feel confident I can do it. I'm so looking forward to maybe finding a gal that is loving and happy or at least striving for that to share life with. Instead of a negative hateful self centered insecure high maintenance witch like I've been dealing with. Why in the hell did I put up with it for so long? I have no answer to that question. Maybe someday it will become clear for now I'm just ready to move on and not be so sad and lonley all the time.

these kind of people are miserable themselves and dont want anyone else happy!

Well, the thing that you don't mind others happiness is admirable, I can only think that because they annoy you, you want them to suffer.<br />
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That's understandable since you are a teenager, and sometimes people are really bad mannered and annoying toward you.<br />
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Thanks for the comment

Thanks for your sympathy, I know, I am stuck!

Thank you Lacey, my point exactly.<br />
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My mother in law is exactly that way, I was the only one calling her, my husband never calls her mother! and now that I see she is hopeless, I have decided to save myself and stopped calling her!

With these people, it's a lose-lose situation, what ever you do, you can't make them feel happy for anyone!

Yep, the so-called friends you can get rid of but the people who happen to be in your family...?<br />
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I've got an uncle like that. He would talk about other relatives' misfortune(s) and then gloated about how his own family never have such thing(s) happened to them. I'd go, And your point is...?<br />
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He used to highlight how difficult it was for me to become financially independent and now that I am, he makes snide comments about me being a rich elitist.<br />
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@ foreversNever: God bless you and gives you strength!<br />
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@ dubiousOne: I have some in my close family member, it's hard to get rid of them!<br />
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Thank you guys

I agree, I have friends like this and am sometimes in the same boat?