My Father.

and here is a good example.about 4 years ago i needed emergancy back surgery.i had gooten to where i couldn`t walk.i was in so much pain.i mannaged to get to the living room,but felt like i was going to black out.i caught a glemps of my father and he had a smile from ear to ear.that really hurt worse than my spine did.i have had surgery since then.i`ve noticed when i`m really run down ,he will sit with a big smile.i can`t belive that he is actually like that.

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Idkw, but that made me laugh, thats some crazy stuff, was he vry sadistic or just enjoyed others misery? I know its not funny but I had to tell the truth, i lol, My dad used to pretend that he was possessed by a demon and roll on the floor, turned out all the lights and chase us around the house, he thought our terror was the funniest thing ever, he truly enjoyed scaring us, he reveled in the fright on our faces, we were very scared and cried, begged, pleaded for him to stop and he would just literally fall on the floor laughing and it wasnt a darn bit funny at the time, now I just sit and think, this was a grown man delighting in the terror of his kids, its funny to me now because the man was crazy i guess, he just enjoyed terrified ex<x>pressions on peoples faces i guess, it was hilarious to him