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I have a bachelors in Genetics and Cell Biology, and I've only started researching psi stuff about four months ago when I had some experiences I couldn't explain. I personally experienced some "supernatural" things that my scientific knowledge couldn't touch, so after a painful transition from a shattered reality to a stable one, I've got some pretty bitchin' insight.

I've got highly selective post-grad training in a field of hard science, a sturdy educational foundation in a broad range of scientific field, a penchant for independent research in psychology, a gift for communication and an unquenchable drive to discover the "how" and the "why." I used to think the answer for understanding this universe could be discovered in a lab through peer-reviewed study and reproducible experimentation. Investigating space involved too much complex math for my liking, so instead I focused on the conceptualization of the microscopic world. Little did I know how very little I could see while focusing on something so little. :) Confusing? Regardless of the micro nature of my area of study, what I mean to say is that focusing on just ONE thing to define reality is what is limiting, aka 'a small view' of the world. And when you're trying to discern the nature of the universe, it really helps to utilize every avenue possible.

So that's what I do these days: tackle these psi problems from both sides. You'd be surprised how often supposed opposites intersect. I've found Math = Physics = Spirituality = Psychic Phenomenon = Psychology = Physiology = Biology. It's all connected.

Or perhaps I've never snapped back out of that insanity that took me four months ago. XD I've considered that option plenty, but there's just waaaay too much evidence to the contrary. :/ Once you stop sneering at everything you don't personally understand, a lot of epiphanies await you. It actually used to **** me off to see circles, infinity symbols, spirals, and duality in EVERYTHING. I guess I kind of hated proving myself right, heheheh. ^_^;

It's understandable that people shy away from uniting these fields. People get so entrenched in one or the other, and the groups share mutual hostility so collaboration is rare. If you talk about psi stuff as a respected scientist, you automatically get labeled a "quack." Same with alternative medicine approaches, at least in Western society, where the quack labelage is also imminent in this case as well. And psychics are used to a negative response from "normal" people, so of course they keep to themselves. Anyone with the ability to do anything that's reproducible under lab conditions is either deterred by the attention they would get, limited by the sect of whatever intense spiritual system taught them this obscure skill, or too paranoid about getting accosted by some large, sinister organization like their country's government. If a psychic is at an adept level, they either don't want or don't care about fame/fortune. This, of course, sounds like a cop-out to the "normal" people, whose doubt is compounded with propoganda, "accepted" scientific fact, and the performers (such as stage magicians) and fakers (those who don't really believe they're psychic but want the fame/fortune part.)

It's a sad state of affairs that there are so few versed both in accepted science and psychic stuff. I really wish I wasn't unique in this way, but until that changes, I'll be here bridging the gap.
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thanks for putting this in words. to a mystic those worlds are gloriously the same.

Hi Slow4,<br />
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Quite the deep thinker, huh? Me too! At least I like to think so. LOL<br />
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There is so much happening right now in the world of quantum physics. Since Einstien we have been searching for the unifying theory and right now there are some amazing ideas floating around.  String theory suggest that quirks (building blocks of matter) are made up of tiny hair like strings. Some suggest as many as 11 tiny strings each string representing a different dimension or reality. How each of the strings vibrate and the resulting harmonic vibration then determines what the quark will become.  At the level of the quark, it could become ANYTHING. This theory suggest that all matter is vibration. We already know that light and all forms of energy are vibration but now, if the theory holds up EVERYTHING appears to be vibration.<br />
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Now, back to the dual slit experiment. It appears our thoughts are in some fashion affecting matter. As you probably know, there have been dozens if not hundreds of experiments that show how with music, meditation and or visual imagery exposure that we are able to change our own vibrations.  There have also been studies that demonstrate how our own vibration affects the vibration of those around us.  The point of all of this is this.... The unifying theory, quiet possibly going to tie in with consciousness. Which quite frankly the scientific world has little to say on this subject... It can't be measured yet there is no denying that it exists. <br />
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In the end I believe you are correct. There is a connection between the physical universe and what we today call paranormal or psychic. Great story. I'm glad to know there are others as fascinated with this kind of stuff as I am

indeed, it seems a given that everything is vibration. and it also seems that, in actuality, everything that vibrates is unreal. not really a conundrum -- right?

Thumbs up. :) wish I could friend you!

I would like to hear more. I posted a question a couple of years ago to see how many people believed in ESP. I had 4 no responses. I knew their had to be someone in EP <br />
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Personally, I am a tough critic even with personal experience. The mental health profession views these thoughts or ideas as mental illness, and the Christian community would fear the source as Satanic, but they do acknowledge.<br />
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Personally, I have a great fear of both. So I am not one to experiment. But I will not deny having experienced paranormal and physic abilities from another who will remain unnamed.

Definitely don't want to let any doctors or psychiatrist sorts in on any psychic ability, since they have the power to potentially lead to your getting committed. As for the Satan thing, it's really nothing to be afraid of unless you cross paths with some crazy, murderous religious zealots, who are fortunately a bit less common than they used to be. ^_^ Working with demons is a bit risky, but taking the "left hand path" to enlightenment is a hell of a lot quicker than trying to always walk in the light. If nothing else, it's important to see what modern day satanic sects have to say, but it should all be taken with a grain of salt, of course. I only advocate balance, and refuse to shy away from areas that I've been programmed to fear~ If you'd like to know more, I've written other psi-oriented stories. If you have any specific questions, feel free to message me, and I'll give you some feedback based on my psi experiences. :D

Check Dean Radin at and the latest post is a link to new research showing a PSI effect on the double-slit experiment. This experiment and many others conducted have shown non-duality effects between subject and ob<x>ject for decades, but there is reluctance to acknowledge these facts. Human nature tends to stick to old habits tenaciously.<br />
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With no surprise, meditators have a much higher effect than non-meditators. I have a strong physics background and tracking this research has been a hobby of mine since I became aware of the theoretical implications of what the math behind quantum mechanics is pointing at. When quantum computing becomes more ubiquitous, my intuit says we'll be seeing even more profound and impossible to ignore experimental results around this topic.

Yes, I've heard of the study. Fun fun fun fun~!! Or scary, and bad. Depending on your level of open-mindedness. ^_^

It'll be quite the awakening. ;)

Riiiiight?? :D

Don't believe I could have said it any better. I love that you have Bachelor's in Sciences. That will lend a lot of credence to everything you discover. :)