Real Life Hero.

I know this person.
Lets call him T. I have known him for almost a decade now.
Life threw him a big challenge. He was diagnosed with Kidney failure.
Both Kidneys not functioning. This puts T in a situation.
He has to undergo dialysis twice in a week.
So he could not have a regular job. A wife and 2 kids to support.
So what does T do. Life is also kind to put a blessing in his way.
He gets opportunities to build his own business.
He works hard on his business.
Today he is highly respected leader in the business circles.
He not only has a thriving business
but is also a mentor to thousands of people in the country.
He got a kidney transplant and his health challenges seems to have reduced considerably.

Every time I get an opportunity to see him, I cannot help think that If this man can do what he has done with his life, we have no excuses.

rohitra rohitra
36-40, M
Dec 5, 2012