The Problem With Being Nonjudgmental

I am an extremly nonjudgmental person, bot of my parents aren't, but I've learned to be this way, I guess it's just naturally inside me. Everybody trust me, they vent to me, about all their own experiences and what is going on in their life. I have so many horrible secrets inside my head, many of my own, but most of them, they come form other people. I want a way to release some of these secrets, anyomously,so I basically wouldn't be telling anybody. So here are some secrets from other people that I need to get off my chest (it gets over-whelming sometimes)
"I cut myself" ______
"I've tried to kill myself, but I didn't, because of you." ______
"The reason why I have a hard time opening up, is because I was raped" ________
"And he would beat me, usually just when he had too much to drink, but inside, I always knew it was my fault." ___
"The reason why he's unhappy, is because of me, I know it." ___
"I cheated on her, I know she doesn't deserve it, but I couldn't help it." _____
"We told your mother that they just broke up, and he doesn't want to be apart of our family anymore, but we couldn't tell her that he killed himself, it would destroy her, so we are telling you." ____
"I'm bi-sexual, and nobody can know." _____
"All the drugs, can't take away the pain." _____
"And he touches me, my mother's boyfriend, grabs me, looks me up an down, sexually assults me, someday, I'm going to kill that man." _____
"And the hardest part of my life, was when I told my father "If you walk out that door, you are walking out of my life" he walked away, and didn't even bother looking back." _____
And they keep going on, it's just a lot for a fifteen year old girl to handle, even adults tell me all their secrets, and honestly, i don't want to be the secret keeper anymore, it drains me emotionally. So I need to start learning to only take on my own secrets. 
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I'm so sorry you have had to keep all of this inside sweatheart! Your absolutly correct! It is a lot to handle, but you do not have to handle it. All you have to do is listen to your friends, these are not your burdens to carry. Not your secrets to worry over, all you can do is pray for the person and let them know that you are there to help them. If at all you ever feel overwhelmed then just take some time for yourself, write all of the things bothering you, or all the secrets locked inside down on a sheet of paper. Then take that paper and burn it or let it float away on a river or go burry it in the woods. It will help you feel the ease that these things are no longer eating you up or weighing you down. Im here if you ever need to talk, messege me, I know how draining secrets can be.