None Was Ever Told.

Ahh, secrets, who doesn't have them? Some have more secrets, some have less secrets, some share secrets, some keep them to themselves.
I'm the kind of person who gets to know all the secrets, I've never told one. Ranging from problems at home to some really dark ones, I have them all, and I never told one. And seriously, it drains you physically and emotionally, some secrets can be very shocking, and even though they're other people's secrets, it can still leave a mark on you.
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i dont like secrets they lead to trouble

I totally agree....and I have kept a "secret" for my brother and his wife for the past 27 years that I think needs to be told. They had a baby boy the year before they were married and gave him up for adoption. Then - on the day of that child's first birthday (I can't believe they chose that date) - they got married and went on to be married now for 26 years without ever telling anyone else in the family. They have two sons - 25 and 22 - who know NOTHING about their "older brother" this right??? Their oldest son is married with a child and still has never been told about his "brother". My brother had another child - a girl - before he met his (now) wife - and gave her up for adoption too....but he was only 17 at the time and our parents found out about that. That girl found my parents when she was 17 and is now a part of our took a lot of time but she has been accepted into the family. Doesn't it seem like baby #2 should have been brought up sometime in the last (oh I don't know) 26 years???? I don't even speak to my brother due to other family drama issues - but I still have not revealed his secret - yet I struggle with his lies and deceit. Our father died without knowing the truth and our mother thinks he is so wonderful...yet I know he lies to her face everytime he sees her.......secrets ruin families......