Double Whammy

Oh good Lord people
First of all I know that metal chick you were flirting with...blackheartedgirl?... was a fake made it up...I found pics of her avatar and the ones "she" had in her album on a site for goth girls. Coincidence? I think not. LMAO. How pathetic. Were you trying to make me jealous? 

And the other guy I used to know on here? Well, I am pretty much disgusted with what I am reading. I feel sorry for his wife. I really hope he divorces her now that he actually had a ******* affair! I feel so sorry for her! I could blow the whole thing wide open. I doubt she knows. But damn thats harsh. But so is cheating on your wife. And to think, it was almost me...I'm not perfect either. But I got out. 

God people are so manipulative, deceitful and selfish. It pays to do your homework on people, people. Use the internet! Don't get burned.
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Veddy interesting!

Best tool on the internet for this kind of detective work:<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
And if you use Firefox there's a plugin that allows you to simply right click on any picture and search for it. Can't tell you how many EP fakes I've spotted with Tineye. Of course most of them were obvious, but it offered some verification when their "personal" pics were all over the internet.

Phony baloney

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you're funny!

ah I remember when the perv soldiers sharing their wives with their enemies.