Wife's History

My wife has been married three times..

She has had about 40+ boyfriends that she had sexual relationships with, that I know of. I have met two of them.

She has had three lesbian relationships. With each lady it was different, two were older, one younger. She learned anal sex with them.

She lost her virginity in the front seat of a car when she was 16.

The week she met me she had sex with four different men (all separately) with me twice.

She has had multiple partners on a single day and loved being filled up by each man.

She once screwed a guy for concert tickets.

She has had several swaps with a previous husband.

She has had several men at the same time.

46-50, M
6 Responses Jun 22, 2007

@LifeMat: And how about your sexual experiences?


Not much a secret now.

Funny, not sure exactly why my choice of posting, though much of it is in fact, her secret...

Actually, not angry at her at all. I actually love the idea of her having a full sex life. Strange but I enjoy her telling of past encounters....

Wow she is one helluva woman.Does it bother you that she has had so much sex and perhaps comparing yor performance to the rest?