Masseuse Tells On My Wife To Me

I have a friend “Anne” who is a massage therapist. Sometimes she will practice with a very casual floating group where my wife goes for massage, alternative health routines, etc.  I say floating, because though it is called “the center”, they actually meet and practice at different locations and sometimes at member’s homes.

I don’t think that my wife has met Ann – and certainly she doesn’t realize that we are friends – but when I saw Anne recently, she mentioned that she had seen my wife at the “center”.  Anne is naturally gregarious so it’s always fun to talk to her. Plus, after a few moments, it occurred to me that through her, I might gain an “eye” into my mysterious wife acting in different situations. Anne goes for women and I was all about having an intimate spy on my side.

Ann said that no, she didn’t meet her, but that my wife seemed nice and that she has gotten massages from either Barbara (who I’ve heard about) or Adrienne, who just happens to be Anne’s girlfriend/partner. Anne knows me well enough to figure out that I was fishing when I asked “what people wear” when they get massages there (since it isn’t a purely professional, clinical practice –- after all, there are quite a few “fringe” people there, including hippies, pagan-types, self-proclaimed witches, etc.) In other words, interesting people who I tend to enjoy.

She said that people wear whatever they want – they cover themselves up or not. Why? She was hedging purposefully, so I had to be blatant. “I was just wondering what Olivia ‘did’, for instance.” She gave me a knowing look of disapproval, but she also seemed a little eager to mention that unlike some people, my wife undressed right there in the room, in front of a curtain of beads that defines the doorway. She remembered it, too. Smiling, Anne remarked, “she’s got a gorgeous body on her”.  I asked if anyone else had been there, but she said just the masseuses and maybe another lady.

Wonderful! I was picturing it. And I was thrilled to imagine my typically reserve wife behaving differently when I’m not around.

Spellbound, I asked if she had yet massaged my wife. Anne winked and said she’d love to, but Adrienne won’t let anyone else. “Oh yeah?” Now I wanted to meet Adrienne. “She spends a long time on her.” Apparently it was noticeable.  “Hmm,” I replied, not really knowing what to say.  Anne was all grins now,  “you better watch out, Dude. She wants to **** your wife!”

RMutt RMutt
46-50, M
Feb 12, 2010