Surely It Is Noticeable

Certainly many women don't like having their breasts stared at. I often do it. Being a normal red - blooded male, I can't help noticing those two wonderful parts of the female anatomy. How many men have heard women complaining about men looking at their breasts? Surely they often lodge complaints about it. Maybe they consider it to be sexual harassment. I just can't help looking. Often, I can't avert my gaze.
On the other hand, how many men have noticed women looking at your crotch?
I noticed it the other night. The woman looked hungrily at mine. She even took a double take. Then on Monday, I was at a Doctor's office in the exam room, and the nurse practitioner looked at it too. Even through my briefs and jeans which were on my body, I could still see her looking straight at it. Obviously she must be a normal red - blooded woman. Men don't mind being ogled.
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Dec 12, 2012