A Man And A Woman Make Love

There has always been a question as to why a man and a woman would just get into bed together for sex. But, I understand that there is a certain lust that we sometimes have for one another. Many times we have a sexual urge. There is an urgent need for a man to "get his rocks off!" As I just made a reference, it was about what a lot of guys talked about when I was in college. So many of the guys I knew had a cavalier attitude about sexuality. I had two different room mates who would go to bed with their girl friends. At least once, one of my room mates made love with his girl while I was asleep in my bed. I woke up to his bed shaking and the girl moaning in coitus.
I had a second roommate who had several different sex partners. One had made love to him, and while he was off doing something else, she would ask me for help with her French homework, and seemed rather interested in me. She was quite attractive.
I went to bed for the first time with a woman in my late 20s. She became my wife. I remained loyal to her for our entire marriage. After her death, I still remember how great our sex was. I miss her. Our lovemaking was so special.
We kept things fresh and real.
The first time we went to bed together, I imagine it was as if two animals were rutting. She ******** me nude in short order. There were times after we were first married when I would awaken in the middle of the night and she would be tearing my pajamas off of me and would be holding my penis.
We are satisfying needs when we engage in sexual relations. I had one sex partner for most of my life. There has never been another woman in my life. As my wife is dead, I want to find another lover. The new one may not be the as wonderful as she was, but, maybe they will help fill the gap.
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Jan 12, 2013