Does Anybody Else Notice This?

does anybody else think its ironic that every girl in this group is hot as heck but in denial about it? they all think we're being nice and just saying it but its true your all freaken hot. and whats more important you all have deep inner beauty and that is what truly matters :)
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
14 Responses Dec 23, 2010

hey you said rest of.... don;t forget your in this group too and your PRETTY plus you got a bucket load of inner beauty sis and thats what really counts

i must need glasses then but u r right ,the rest of girls in the group r beautiful

-__- thats cause you all need glasses which is why you all think your unattractive and i am not.... either that or its opposite day constantly

actually i guess it ends up the frown upon nude streaking at schools .... can you blame me it wasn't in the rule book. while legally i may be a genius i don't believe in smart and stupid.

many get kicked out of school does not make them dumb maybe they were bored smarter then the teacher look at Einstein teachers thought he was stupid

he's a smart one =) <br />
<br />
Captain, when i call you sweet you take the compliment dammit!

...... you have no idea who i am if you said that.... i got kicked out of high school -__- .... and we don't get along <br />
<br />

yes very well said Captainjackass good to see the money spend on your education was money well used I'm sure your parents are proud

-__- your the sweety not me :P

=) still a sweety

-__- no i'm can just see the obvious :P

awww you're such a sweety babes

:) thanks LC glad to know i'm not the only one who sees this

:) see the truth helps when it comes from someone who cares and can see the obvious