Just A Rock In A Field Of Flowers

I feel like a small, average rock in a field of gorgeous flowers. The flowers serve no other purpose than to look pretty and we all know their beauty will just eventually wilt away. But the rock is practical. It has many uses, strong and will remain the same for years to come. Everyone knows that when you need something reliable, sturdy, practical, you will surely choose the rock. But yet everyone has to stop and stare at the flowers. The flowers get attention, admiration, and passers-by usually walk without knowing of the rock's existence. I would never want to be a flower. I would never want to be a part of that shallow, field of identical girls. But I can't help but feel insignificant, average, slighted, even jealous of that field of flowers. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair that those with the traits you are always taught are important, fade into the foliage; hidden by the grass, covered in the dirt, and shaded by those flowers.
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I know your feeling. I love look at flowers and rocks and everything else too. I don't pick any flowers cause I feel sad when it dies so I only appreciate it short present of beauty and so others. I love to pick up rocks cause they all unique and always there where I place them even when I'm gone and still there will be others after me would love to have them. There are beauties in all things. Like they say,"You'll find what you seek". If you seek love then you'll always find love in almost all things and everywhere and if you see beauty then there are beauties in everything. Seek what your heart truly want not what other define that you should want then you shall find what you're looking for. It could be so close but you might of missed it.

No, no, your analogy is great. It really made me smile. [:

Some things that last are beautiful too, it may not be in the same way as a flower as it takes a certain heart-felt appreciation. Think of a colorful spiraling granite, the hardest of rocks, with the most intricate designs and crystalline patterns. Yet before they are polished up they, they appear gray and dirty. <br />
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O.o this analogy may have nothing to do with real life, but hey! it's what u make it right??