My Two Older Grandkids Act Funny

There is something going on with my two older grandkids.  I have seen them twice and both times they have not given me the usual hugs and didn't talk to me freely and didn't even approach me.  The only one who's acting the same towards me is the one that's soon to turn 9 years old.  I know that these kids didn't turn against me on their own.  It's their mothers poisoned tongue that has influenced them to act this way and I think that's very very sad.  It's bad enough that she put them through a hard painful separation but now she's added alienating their grandmother to it.  My grandbabies have always been affectionate and loving with me but it's changed drastically.  I believe their mother turned them against me because I said that I wanted time to myself after my son left for Job corps.  He was here for two months.  And before that I was in a rooming house--homeless--and the landlord was ALWAYS bothering me--and before that I was living in that slave hovel where I didn't have 5 minutes of peace.  Just because SHE didn't go through what I did to know that I needed ME time is no reason to make her children act like they hate me and only tolerated my being there.  I refuse to let them treat me like that even though it's with their mothers influence.  The youngest one isn't letting his mothers poison change how he feels about me and they shouldn't either.  The oldest one is 12 and the next one is 10.  If they cared for me in the first place then it wouldn't be so easy for them to turn on me.  I've never hurt them or caused them problems for them to so easily change like that.  They are bright kids.  So, after the second time that I was made to feel unwanted there I've decided to just not go back again.  The youngest one I will keep in contact with through the mail--sending him cards and things to let him know that I still love him.  The other two can continue to mirror how their mother wants them to act.  It will no longer have a bearing on me.  Too much has happened to me for me to keep eating dirt from people no matter how old they are.  It's possible that I might leave this city and I will not return no matter what.  I won't leave a means for anyone to contact me either to assure that I will not need to come back.  I anticipate being in a new place and starting my life off on the positive again with new people.   By either getting helped or going on my own, I'm moving away from here!
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Aug 20, 2007