Sign Language Is Unique

I have been learning sign language from my aunt and she is deaf person..  during the early stage of my childhood times,she have been really nice to me (  often take me to the park and beach) ,but the bad part is we have some difficulties in understand each other , i believe i have done everything i could just to convey the messages (and that's including scream out loud hoping that the sound will somehow penetrating her brain  )  so enough is enough and i decided to learn the sign language from her.

This is not hard as it might first appear just need a little bit of quick movement of hand and imagine the word that is need to be gesture by a hand. Naturally  I'm right handed but in the mean time  i practising it with my left hand,so i will have an advantage while the other's hand is preoccupied with something else.  And now i teach my  Friends the sign language so they will realized how important is that to human society. Not all people are lucky to have the sense of hearing so in that case it will very helpful. Some of my friends started to make it out of fun by use the sign language when interact with each other, ie trying to conceal the message from someone they dislike. I also enjoying my time as a mediator between my family and my aunt ,in fact I'm the only one in my family who know this beautiful gesture.


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Naliruns - In my school place there is no subject offering that subject, so i thought if other people want to learn it they have to find other alternative.<br />
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ameliaheart- thanks for the compliment. You are such a great friend, lucky to have you by my side.

You are SO awesome! I am learning ASL @ school right now, and I LOVE it.!!!! Haha, I use asl to hide messages sometimes, like I'll be pissed at a teacher (dif. one) and i'll just be signing away, and it is HIlarious to see how they react. But asl really is pretty and that is what drew me to it in the first place. Have you considered taking it at school? It usually is a really fun class.

I appreciate people around me , whether they care or not. I dont want to make a difference just being myself.

sign language is beautiful ..u listen to silence that talks n its good when u appreciate it.