My Wife's Boss Saw Her Nude Pics Online!

He brought her into his office to show her he found her nude pics online while surfing ****...Really XXX pics I took of her spreading her hairy **** wide, bent over doggie, *** oozing out her *****. She totally freaked out but wound up letting him **** her regularly in his office cause he threatened to blackmail her...Her boss is a handsome older guy in his 50's - she is just 26. She told me 3 mos later and I was so turned on, I allow him to **** my wife at our house while I watch...Love to double team her with him too. I prefer sloppy seconds...
hairysasha hairysasha
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How did he know it was her in the pictures in the first place.

She has gained the upper hand here - you may get aced out - and demoted. You might end up begging to be allowed a sloppy ...........

You had to know that eventually someone who knows her would see her pics on line. Just think, you might have been cucked by your father!

Where can I go to see her pics?

That's not threatening to blackmail her, that IS blackmail. If someone says, "Do this, or I'll tell..." that's blackmail.

must be great pics

sounds as the keeps getting it raised

He enjoys her lucky boss. Hope you have him on film, time for her to get a raise.

good point! she admitted him seeing her ***** online was a huge turn on while also being very angry with the sex is great + I love watching other men **** her

how can the boss blackmail her UNLESS SHE WANTS TO **** HIM without admitting he surfs **** & losing respect of his staff

i would love to join in!