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This is the post I received on a nother site.


My husband David Carter was working as a security guard at Tesco Seacroft in August 2009. One night a drunken yob kept trying to get into the store whilst shouting racist abuse at David who refused to let him in as he was too intoxicated. To cut a long story short, the yob threatened to stab David whilst calling him a ni**er. David punched him once to remove the threat. On Friday 12th March 2010, David was SENTENCED TO 9 MONTHS IN PRISON. This in spite of having a 14yr old son, a wife (who only works part-time) a mortgage & other financial commitments with no way to pay them once the main breadwinner was taken away.

Despite ringing the police FIVE times straight after the incident NO police came.

Despite there being witnesses to the yobs behaviour and threats NO police ever interviewed them.

The police rang David the next day and asked him to come and make a statement. He was arrested & held for 10 hours before being charged.

After being advised by his solicitor to take it to crown court and plead not guilty, David was then advised by his barrister to enter a plea of guilty because if he pled not guilty and was subsequently found guilty there was a good chance of him going to prison.Whereas pleading guilty would more than likely lead to him getting fined/community service/suspended sentence etc.. Having a wife and young family, David did not want to risk being incacerated so followed the legal advice he was given- to his cost.

Those who know David know he is a gentle unassuming modest man who is not quick to lose his temper. Seventeen times British powerlifting champion (drug free), he is a hard working devoted family man. Our family is devastated and in shock.



This was my responce:

Although I live in the USA, I am first of my English family to be born outside of Nottingham England. There for under British law I have both US and British citizenship in the country with the second best, right after, Sweden, humanitarian record on earth. I must say that I am appalled by what I have read about w hat happened to David Carter, in Leeds. When a man, who is doing is job, and following the law, by not letting someone who is too intoxicated to come into the shop, with the intent to purchase more intoxicating beverage, and is attacked by this drunk, with a knife, is arrested for defending himself. Despite there being witnesses to the attacker’s threats, police never interviewed them. Nor did they respond to the five calls to the constables. David Carter, was arrested & held for 10 hours before being charged for defending himself, and a biding the law, without any investigation what so ever. David Carter should be treated as a hero, rather than a criminal. Then the final injustice came when his make believe barrister, advised him to plead guilty, because he was between a rock and a hard place. Do to the fact that if he was found guilty he would be was a good chance of him going to prison. Compared to fined, and/or community service and maybe suspended sentence. I would think a first year law student at University could poke enough holes in this case to totally clear David. Instead he was sentenced to nine moths in prison. In summation I feel that I should say I have heard of a lot of injustices before, but this one is got to be in the top ten. Please reopen this case, for I am sure that upon looking at it with fresh eyes you will see that David Carter dose not belong where he is.

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I ask you all to write letters for this man and his family. Thank you

~The Doctor

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Thank you for your support!

I was so troubled by this, that I copied, and forwarded it to the Daily Mail newspaper, and asked them to look into it. I hope no-one ob<x>jects, but this sort of thing has happened before, and the only way forward was Media attention. Good luck!

Thank you LordVoldermort.

Thank you for sharing this, this sounds really awful,