Good Company

When you're in the company of angels things are always looking up.

Angels are good company.
They never let you down.
Always on time.
Have the fragrance of home baking.
Are warm.
Make you laugh.
Hold you when you cry.
Listen to you.
Cause butterflies in your tummy.
Put you on the right track.


BigBearLittleBear BigBearLittleBear
41-45, F
3 Responses Apr 12, 2011

that explains a lot...I'm an angel !

I know :)

I think so, I haven't seen the movie but the song is beautiful. I like Meg Ryan though... :)

That's a beautiful song from the movie i think titled City of Angels? It was an interesting movie but sad. Another introspective moment on love and what we do for it :) Thanks for your sweet story Bear :) xox