Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been blessed to have met some amazing people in my life. People who have inspired me, how have helped me and people who have even loved me.
But I think the most amazing person I have met would have to be my girlfriend Beth. I can honestly say she more amazing the anyone I have come across before. She is smarter and funny then anyone else that I know. She constantly makes me laugh and smile.
To me she is a Princess, more beautiful then I could imagine someone could be (both inside and out). I find myself staring at her, or her photo constantly (which is bad when I should be working HAHAHA). But it is her spirit which I admire the most. She has a personality which at times leaves me dumbfounded. She puts me at ease without saying anything special.
When we talk I find it hard to concentrate on anything else, because I hang on her every word. She has an intelligance and understanding which I haven't seen before, making sense of anything I don't understand.
I am so very blessed to have someone like Beth in my life. She isn't just my girlfriend, she is my best friend. I want to spend every second of the day with her. She is the most amazing person I know, and I am so very grateful for her.
I love you Beth, always and forever =D
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

KF- Thankyou so much =)<br />
<br />
notg- Thankyou sweetpea, you are totally right **big hugs**

that is SO amazing Reece! it's awesome the two of you are together...how beautiful :) <br />
i know a bit how you feel...there's a guy i know...and yeah...i think he's pretty freaking amazing :) i think that's the word i use to describe him the most. there's just no other feeling like it :) congrats and best wishes to you both!