I Love To Make You Beg For More -- A BDSM Spanking Fantasy

I cannot resist the urge to leave you begging for more when I spank you, My slave.   Not the disciplinary spankings you receive when you fail to meet My high standards, but during the ones carried out for My pleasure.  

Although pleasure spankings are now part of our daily activities, they are in no danger of becoming routine or mundane.  you present yourself to Me each day wearing nothing but your collar, your cuffs and your **** ring.  you kneel before Me, waiting -- sometimes for only a few seconds, others for as long as an hour -- until I stand and say, "you may".  

That simple phrase gives you permission to reach up and help Me slip off My panties, which are damp and heavy with the musky fragrance of My arousal.  your eager mouth is already open as wide as a hungry baby bird waiting to be fed when you hand them to Me.  I forcefully shove them deep in your waiting mouth and as expected, the **** I own twitches and jerks and throbs to life when I secure them in place with the red silk scarf I’ve draped around My neck.

When you are gagged to My satisfaction, I yank you along behind Me by your collar, forcing you to scramble to keep up as I cross the room and sit in a straight-backed chair set deliberately apart from the others.  you already know you are to stand once I am seated, but you are not to lay yourself across My knees until invited.  Today I will make you wait while I fidget and adjust My position, intentionally keeping My feet wide apart because I know you are powerless to look anywhere except the cleft between My pale white thighs.

A slight nod of My head commands you to drape your body over My lap.  Position yourself, slave, with your erection between My legs.  Once you are in place, I’ll bring My feet together, trapping your **** snugly between the soft flesh of My thighs. “Hands behind your back, boy,” so I can clip your wrist cuffs together and tie them to the short rope trailing down your back from your collar to remind you to keep your arms out of My way.

Finally, the moment for which you wait so patiently.  I caress your buttocks to cause you a few more moments of delicious agony, then raise My hand and slap your left butt cheek with My open palm.  In that one instant, all the tension drains from your body, and I feel the moisture build between My legs as you completely surrender yourself to Me.

The blows come slowly and gently at first, then a little faster and harder.  Each time My hand lands, I dig My fingertips into your flesh for few seconds before raising my arm to deliver the next swat.  There’s no pattern that you can discern -- I may spank the right cheek three times in rapid succession before returning to alternating strokes between sides.  Every time I lift My hand, I deliberately wriggle around in My seat. As I move, My thighs massage your trapped ****.  The intense friction magnifies the effect of the metal **** ring circling your scrotum and the base of your shaft.  you are already so hard and so close to the edge you fear My next movement may cause you to disobey your Mistress by ******* without My permission…

The air in the room is electrified by the connection between us.  Just as you are lost in subspace, I am hypnotized by the sound of the spanking itself; the incoherent, highly erotic sounds you make from behind the gag; the heat blazing from your bottom and the palm of My hand; and the sight of your skin as it changes color from pale white to pink, and ultimately to a deep crimson.

The rain of slaps comes even faster and harder now as I build toward the emotional and physical release you need, and then -- nothing.  My hand abruptly stops in mid-air, leaving you waiting and wanting.  I can’t help but laugh when your muffled gasp of surprise instantly becomes a desperate moan of frustration when you realize the spanking is over…

…unless you can somehow find a way to convincingly beg Me for more…
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Mistress MINE, I have read this story many times now, and every time I have the same reactions. This body reacts; the **** You own does twitch and bounce just as You describe. This mind reacts; it thinks every time: "Oh God, Oh My God! Oh My ******* God!!"<br />
<br />
Yet again, I must say "Thank You for accepting me as Your slave, Your very submissive slave and most of all, for accepting me as Your lover, for I do so love You."<br />
<br />
I am surprised that I had not commented on this story before as it is such a turn-on to read and re-read over and over.

My, my, my!! You know your story!!<br />
It would be a privilege for me to participate in this treatment!!<br />
But you'll have to defend your wickets now!!

Very nice. You nailed it! Would love to be your slave, to serve you and learn from you.