I Want To Spank Them

If ever there were two people who needed a good spanking it would have to be my sister i laws two girls.They are 12 & 9 & they are the rudest,arrogant,most misbehaved kids i have ever had the displeasure of knowing. They regularly tell my husbands sister that shes a fat pig,she isn't,& all my sister in law does is sit there & say 'Oh they're only high spirited'. High spirited i'd soon bloody knock that out of them.When my boys spend time in their company,which is rare because i won't let them go their Grandparents if the girls are there,they come home with an attitude thats begging for a spanking.These two girls have everything they want yet not once in all the time i've known them which is sincethey were born,have i heard them say please or thankyou to their parents.They look at other adults as if they are something they have just stepped in.I asked my sister in law why she does'nt spank them,her reply was they will grow out of it!! My husband has had numerous arguements with her about they way they talk to his parents but it falls on deaf ears,he can't understand her as they were spanked when they were kids. If i ever had the chance those two girls would be getting their bare bottoms spanked 2 or 3 times a day til they learnt respect,& i would do it with a belt.I would die of embarrassment if my boys ever acted the way their cousins do,but then again my boys DO go over my knee & get their bare bottoms spanked.
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she's right though, it's normal for kids to act that way, they're kids

your sister in law is right, they will grow out of it

It is always rough when it is a family member. Others you can shy away from if it is that bad. I actually secretly spanked my niece once when she was 8, i told her to come in my room while my lazy sister slept, it was past noon. I took her baby bottle (Yes her baby bottle) put it aside and laid her over my lap. I have play spanked her before so she must of thought this was what it was. I bared her bum and gave her three. not overly hard but wanted to her to settle down. she never told her mom either, which i thought was weird.

Oh Man
I used to do school photography and daily had to deal with kids I felt needed spanking. Sometimes the teachers just seemed liked they had given up and others did their best. It would take much longer to get the kids all together standing next to each other, not moving or making faces. I found ways of keeping their attention long enough to get good pictures so I got called back each year but sometimes I wanted to take a kid and spank him right there. When I was a kid you did spanked if you messed up picture day right after you'd go to the office and get a bare bottom spanking.
I see so many kids both boys and girls that act like you wrote about with parents that give them rewards for bad behavior just to shut them up. The only rewards for bad behavior should be a good scolding followed by a sound spanking.

You have a valid point there and if those girls are healthy then I would tend to think that for calling their mother a fat pig they should probably get their mouths washed out with soap. And also if they make too much of a fuss about it then they should probably get a spanking to go with it.<br />
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Where I came from it would never have occurred to anyone to talk to a parent that way, since, apart from other considerations, you would have been in trouble some if you compared a parent to any animal much lower than an elephant -- even supposing if you buttered it up a lot -- like if you said that, with all due respect, the parent has some in common with a donkey, for example. And even that would never have happened, unless maybe if you were talking to a psychologist, for example, or if maybe you were chatting with your friends somewhere.<br />
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Unfortunately I wouldn't think that your inlaws could get away with changing the rules very suddenly.<br />
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Maybe those very unruly children should get invited to go somewhere else for a while, somewhere where they have never been there before, it may as well be over in India somewhere, if that were practical, somewhere where right from the start they would deserve to get embarrassed a lot somehow for if they behaved that way over there? And then if it worked then maybe their own house and their parents could get in on the coattails of it?

I would love to buy them a one way ticket to India believe me.If any of my boys called me a fat pig they would be over my knee so quick i'd break the land speed record.

I spanked my children as well and believe in using that if they deserve it. I was also spanked while growing up.<br />
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We are friends with a family that have two boys that are just like your nephews. The problem is that the parents give them everything and they have no respect. It is almost like the parents want to be their friends first and parents second. They continue to buy them off with gifts and trips no matter what they do. THe only response that the mother makes is "and this is how you treat us". The parents have lost all control of these children and like you, we do not really like to socialize with them because of the children.

I hate it when my husband says 'Michelle is popping over', i swear they are the devils kids,i've got to the stage now where i refuse to be here if i know the girls are going to be here as well,&amp; i won't go visiting if her kids are going to be there.Even her parents think shes mad,lol.