I Really Regret Stopping My Mom From Spanking Him When He Was Young

My younger brother needs to have his hide tanned(great grandmas words) or what we know as a good spanking. He is 27 now and a addict and alchoholic. He trashes house and threatens parents, self, and any one else that gets in his way of getting what he wants. When i was younger i did not believe in it but now that im older i rather someone have a red sore bottom tjan act the way he acts.
thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

I am sure he could have used a few good lickings, but maybe it is not too late if you can find a man strong enough to do it.

I would love someone to try it on me and see what happens with his arms and with the police station. Abusers are not needed in the world.

If he was not stronger than me i would but he is and he would end up hurting one of us

in that case it would self defense.

I understand how you feel. My son was never forced to accept responsibility when he was growing up. My first wife kept me from spanking him. Now he is an adult that cannot accept responsilbility.<br />
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Not only should he have been spanked, but she should have been spanked as well.