The 7 Year Old Brat!

Ok so i live with my girlfriend and her 2 girls aged 5 and 17...they often misbehave and find themselves over the arm of the sofa or over the bed with skirts up and underwear at their ankles being spanked...they are on the whole better behaved for a while after a spanking...or at least they try to be! This incident happened today after chloe came home from school today..the girl that was visiting is now known as 'the brat' lol...

Sarahs neighbour rang and asked could her friend and her little girl who were visiting call over to sarahs as the neighbours daughter was getting a spanking and the visiting lady didnt believe in spanking and wouldnt stay in the house during the punishment....and commented that the visiting little girl was a pain in the rear and would need a good spanking to get her to behave....Sarah said that was no problem and to tell her to come over...nothing...and i ...mean nothing could have prepared us for the visiting little brat! Lol...
They arrived and within minutes the brattish 7 year old was whining about not wanting to be asked her would she like to come upstairs and play in her room...and the girl asked what they were going to play and chloe said- dollies...and the brat said dollies were for looked hurt and i said chloe hunni go up and maybe you can play some board games with each other...and so up the 2 girls went and within minutes the brat had appeared at the door saying chloe had hit her over the head with the game.... sarah called down chloie and asked her side of the story..though there was no need as her face had a red mark on it..brat had hit chloe infact with the game.,..and when asked brat replied..yea so f"""k if i did..its none of your business....needless to say sarah and i were horrified and the brats mother just said 'darling there is no need for that language' then brat asked could she have some chocolate and sarah said we had none..only plain biscuits if she wanted one...brat went..nah no good...during this time chloe had taken herself upstairs and when brat left the room we thought she had gone up to chloe...all was quiet for 20mins so we sat and made polite conversation and brats mum was saying how cruel spanking was and that in todays society there was no need for kid deserved it...and that taking away privilages was better...then when sarah asked if brat often got privilages remeoved the mother said...oh no she is a little young yet and besides if i sent her to her room i would have to remove her computer or games console or tv etc...and brat would throw such a tantrum that its just easier to leave her alone...she isnt doing anyone any harm! I could see sarah was biting her tongue as was i! Then we heard a smash in the kitchen and sarah and i ran out and brat was in the middle of the kitchen with 2 broken plates beside her and everything out of the had heard the smash and had come down to see what was happening....sarah and i together asked her what she thought she was doing..brat said...i was just making sure you had no chocolate... i didnt believe you..every house has chocloate,,,,and sarah called chloe into the kitchen and poor chloe knew that sarah was really angry and i think imagined she would get punished for not looking after the brat....cos when sarah said to chloe to take brat upstairs for 5mins so as she could tidy up the kitchen... chloe looked brat threw a tantrum and said that she wanted to go back to the neighbours house as this house was horrible and smelly and had nothing nice to eat...when her mum said 'another 5mins and we will go' the brat lay on the floor and threw a tantrum...a real legs kicking arms flying on the floor tantrum! Shocked was not the word for sarah and me and even chloe! Brats mum said rite we will go then...Sarah..who at this stage was beyond angry....said no not until this kitchen is tidy...and of course the tantrum increased intensity and loudness...and the mother said come on darling we will go...but sarah wasnt having any of it and said to the you go to many houses and make such a mess and then leave...cos it doesnt happen in this house..and i think the mother was taken aback but said she would help tidy...sarah said no that her and i would do the tidying and the mother could go and sit and have a said she would help..bless her so the 3 of us set about tyding the kitchen while brat threw the tantrum in the middle! As we tidied we were saying how we had never seen a 7 year old throw a tantrum like a baby...and she had the cheek to call chloe a baby for playing with far as we knew all little girls played with dollies and spolit little brats played with computers and games consoles...i could tell that chloe was a little happier now that she wasnt being called a we cleaned we talked about spanking etc..and how the brat was lucky she didnt live in this house as she would be spanked with a cane every day many times until she learnt her we were talking brats crying was easing and she eventually got up and went to the door to leave and sarah stood at the door and told her she couldnt leave until the mess of the kitchen had been tydied...of course brat responeded that sarah wasnt her mum and couldnt tell her what to do! Sarah responded well you are in my house and these are my rules so you either help us to tidy or i pull down your panties and smack your bottom with the cane until bubble and chloe have tidied the kitchen,...of course this brought on another tantrum....bless chloe she went over and said to brat i am not telling you what to do but my advise is to tidy cos being smacked is sore,,,,i got smacked last night and i still have a sore realllllyyyy dont want that....of course brat kept up her sarah stood beside her whilst chloe and i finished the tyding...and then we left the kitchen and went into the living room to brats mum and let her know it was all tidy now....and when brat came in a few seconds later she said.,...mummy we have to go now and call the police cos sarah beat me with the cane real bad....her mum looked at sarah and then sarah said yes i did now show your mummy the marks that bad cane left on you....of course she had none and sniffled,,,well she didnt beat me but she was going that the mother thanked us for the visit and left....and of course brat had to have the last word and as she left said... you are f"""""ng horrible people and you are gay you should be shot! Sarah and i closed the door and looked at each other and then saw chloe looking at us and she said....mummy and bubble i am glad you spank me cos i wouldnt like to be horrible like that....she reallllyyyy needs her bottom spanked hard...she said..i even wanted to spank it because she was so naughty...and off chloe skipped to her room to play with her dollies! Sarah and i were gobsmacked to say the least but both of us know that spanking is the correct punishment as without it you create a monster like the brat that had just left!!
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5 Responses Jan 8, 2013

she needs a good spanking , someone needs to teach that woman to spank or at least know how to discipline her daughter properly

i think it is bad spanking so much

Had it been me and my mother at your house things would not have been allowed to progress beyond the hitting with the board game. I would have been scolded for being rude to your daughter about the dolls and I would have been spanked hard for hitting her. For both I would have needed to apologize to both your daughter and you for my atrocious behavior.

I agree with you. At some point between my childhood and now it seems as if parents decided that they prefer to be their children's friends instead of their disciplinarians, teachers, role models and guides. My sisters and I were taught to respect our elders and to be polite when visiting other people's homes. Woe betide us were we not. In fact it seems as if everywhere we went my Mom loved to give the old "I want you to be on your best behavior. If you're not then you will be punished. "

I believe not disciplining a child that way that woman does is child abuse. That kid doesn't know any better because the mother doesn't care enough about her to teach her

i was the same with my kids they was spanked but some parents said they did not believe in spanking but when there kids was bad they said its not there childs fault its other kids that is a bad influence on them its always some one else s fault and never there's

its the ones that are so out of control that the parents dont know how to stop them talking to them nicely and saying please dont do that darling me i say i will tell you this once so you better listen stop it now or you will be spanked when you get home

When either of my parents told my sisters or me that we were getting a spanking you could set your clock by it. They always followed through. I bated being spanked but I greatly respect them for following through. It made them dependable. It gave them integrity. My parents are like that in all aspects, not the least of which was their discipline.