I Need a Good Spanking!

I am a22 year old very naughty girl that loves to wear leotards and tights. I am a very naughty girl and I like to wear them in public like grocery shopping or when I get the oil changed on my car. I see lots of guys staring at me and getting really hard boners. I also see lots of women giving me dirty looks or staring at me. I even had a woman come up to me at the gocery store and tell me that if I was her daughter she would take me home and spank me with a hairbrush. I think she's right I think I need a long hard hairbrush spanking!

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Hairbrush spanking needed

I would warm up with the hand then finish with a paddle. Iit would be uncomfortable to even fart fie a few days!

do you live in florida....if you do.... get otk right now....show

It would have been so naughty and so much fun to have looked her right in the eye and said. " my mommy is out of town. would please take me home with you and spank me"

I would like to help you on your spanking he if you something to think about so let me know

Yes I agree with the woman u need a good hairbrush spanking otk.Since u like going out naughty n teasing guys the way u dress. I think u could use a spanking each n every day otk,make it real good make your butt hot n stinging so the next time u sit down u will remeber why your butt hurts n stings

veronica dear, if that lady in the store wd hv taken U to the nearest bench n insisted.... wd U hv bent over her knee n let her spank U what-ever way she wanted to rt there in front of every-1 ?

I'll spank you. It'd be both our pleasure.

i Agree

I think you should have taken the woman up on her offer and gone home with her for the spanking.

You missed an opportunity there by the sound of it. If you're serious and live in the UK I will be happy to make your fantasy come true. This is a genuine understanding offer, relaxed friendly understanding traditional strict old-fashioned parental discipline and guidance. Message me if you're interested.<br />
<br />

Look us spankers are out here but you have to approach it seriously and not as a sexual thing. You could try mistress.com or Jacqueline Omerta. But do NOT go to someone inexperienced because they could hurt you. There's a difference between DD andBDSM and they won't tell you until it's too late. Safety is the key and trust me, a spanking isn't a laughing matter. My wife is quite stern with me and I'm no stranger to her anger or her paddle.

Oh! Veronica,<br />
I rememer just 2 mnths back my 8 yr old daughter walked in wearing tights. I caught her, pulled her over to me put her i the otk positon and spanked her fair bare bums for a good 20 mins. I first used te hairbrish for 25 smacks and then caned her 5 times. She was whipped with a belt when her dad came home too.<br />
Thats exctly what ii would have done to you too. I would have dragged you to the nearest bench and given you a good hard spanking on your bare bum cheeks!!!

I would have certainly liked that woman to deal with you Veronica. You are a naughty girl, and a spanking would be appropriate, but you see that yourself. If I saw you, I would be excited by your appearance, and if I knew what you were thinking, I would tell you that you deserve a good smacked bottom. Then I would invite you to a private place to get it. I would smack your bottom on your panties, after pulling your tights down, then I would make you stand in front of me, and smack your bare legs. You would have to put your hands on your head, and I would lower your panties to your ankles...Well, you like to show your self off my girl...Then across my knee, you would get your bare bottom very thoroughly spanked...The next time, I would not be using my hand. Understand your feelings though.

Yes you actually deserved the Strap.

I agree with you there...
I too could do with a good strapping. My name is Tammi and I have been really slutty lately. How would you deal with me to try and change my attitude?

I would have taken you right away and put you over my knee and spanked you for atleast 30 min with a hard wooden paddle and my belt on your bare bottom,you would have not been able to sit for a week with out remembering that spanking.

RPSM, no not me!! It would be a pleasure!

Although I get spanked at home I would really like to find soneone that would give me a good spanking other than my Mum or Dad. They spank me until I cry which I accept but it sounds such a fantastic idea to be given a good hiding from someone else across their knee.


i would have spanked you till y were howling spank y in the diaper postion with the back of my wooden hairbrush

Yes girlwonderer, excellent description!

She should have taken you to the change room and made you take off your leotard and tights and face the wall, with your nose touching the wall. Then, she should have taken you over her knee and spanked you hard. No moving, no squirming, and made you thank her for each strike. <br />
<br />
She would not have stopped until you have cried. But you are such a naughty girl, that by this point, you would probably have been wet. She would have checked that, by sliding her hand between your legs. That would have earned you at least another solid ten spanks. <br />
<br />
What to do with you....

Yes, when do you report for a severe spanking on you butt!

I wish she would have taken you to the washroom and given you a long hard spanking on your leotard and tights. You are a very naughty girl for wearing that in public and making those guys get a *****!

Veronica, I think that woman should have taken you to the nearest bench in that store and given you a long hard hairbrush spanking on you leotard and tights! She should have spanked you until you were crying like a naughty little girl and promising to be good!!!!

Veronica, I think that woman should've taken you in the bathroom and given you a good spanking. You like to wear tights and wag your fanny in front of men? I bet you'd of been quickly cured of that once you found yourself over that woman's knee with those tights and your panties pulled down.

I can also do with a real caning or whatever, and it must be on the bare bud. I want to remember/feel it for a few days!

Maybe you do need a good, long spanking! I've got a paddle, so, whenever you're ready to assume the position, I'll be ready to administer your "punishment"!

i Agree a very hard Bare bottom Spanking