I Just Want a Good Otk Spanking

I need a good otk at the hands of a straight, strong man.

Why is this so hard to get?  My ex husband wouldn't do it.

My last two lovers wouldn' do it.  What do I need to do to get

a man to take me over his knee and smack my bottom??

juliaclaire juliaclaire
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When did your histroy started
with likeing otk spanking school home babysiter job ect . Do you have a female friend that would give you one . I would give you the details how she should give it to you . It would be like geting it from me . Serious and good and hard . Give me your spanking histroy details .

Bare bottom

Im a male who likes given otk spanking .also like to chat about otk spanking

It would probably be a big help if you would allow people to add you as a friend. Only a small step but that's all that's needed mostly.

I'd do it...

It's hard to find such men because most of us (men) were taught never to hit a woman. It took awhile for me to feel comfortable spanking my former girlfriend. She really was into it. Now, when a woman asks, I oblige.

Spankee are hard to find in my case I love giving a good spanking I can be contacted at jdomjuan@yahoo. Com

I sure wouldn't have a problem taking u over my knee n spank u real good n then give u a bare bottom spanking !



Hello, if you want to chat about it let me know maybe I can help you away for your answer than I will give you my cell number

Im in chicago,i would have you over my knee,bare bottom real quick.

Dear Juliaclaire,
I would be delighted to fulfill your need for a spanking. I've been spanking ladies for over 50 years! I belong to several spanking groups in western NY. Where do you live? There is a spanking weekend party in Pittsburgh the 5th-7th of April. Contact me at:joe.jarvis99@yahoo.com

Come to France and I will gladly put you over my knee and give your bottom a memorable spanking !!!

Move to Scotland? :P

This must be your lucky Christmas,you just have not been with a man that will give you a proper spanking.your *** would stay over my knee,you say or do anything i do not like which you will disobey and when you act like the brat that i know you are.You will be punished and your *** will stay cherry red and sore and i will give you corner-time and your panties will remain down to your ankle's so i can review the punishment i just gave you.Every morning when you look in the mirror you will say to your self and your close friends this man keeps my bottom very sore and its always cherry red''.

I'd love to oblige you! Of course it would have to be bare bottom.

I'm still looking for that man too.

Perhaps if you ADDED friends on your account your luck may well change for the better.
there are many gentlemen who would oblige you whim.They are not all Wham, smack ,

Thanks but I'm not on EP to meet a man.

I wouldn,t have a problem at all taking u over my knee forb a good spanking on your bare butt,have i wiggling in my lap!

I would be more than glad to send my husband over to you to give you a otk spanking, providing there is no sex. (females only)

Yes sometimes its hard to find someone to spank u>Caues its not just like u walk up to someone n ask them to spank u.On the other hand I love giving a otk spanking its great n its hot :)

Sweety u just haven,t found the right person!I would have no problem taking u over my knee n pulling your pants n panties down to give u a good hard spanking otk :) Keep looking u will find someone :)

For me it is the opposite problem. I love to administer it but never find women who want it!

It is a shame you haven't run into a guy who would take you over his knee and blister your backside the way you need it. I know it's no consolation, but there is a dearth of ladies who want to be spanked in certain areas as well. I think we need a state to call our own.

all you have to do is ask me to do it. I'd be happy too.

I'm about your age and I too find it harder to find willing "spankees" (and willing is the ONLY kind of spanking I would consider giving anyway). I guess at a certain age, occasions for such sessions come fewer and farther between. The young ladies I spanked have either married and/or moved, and I hope they're getting the stress relief they need, which was really quite simple: just an old-fashioned, no warm-up/eroticized, bare bottom blistering. S. Carolina just doesn't seem to be the hotbed of spanking enthusiasts that, say...Arizona is. It seems ALL the spankos live in Mesa or Tuscon!

if you really do need one contact me. I have about 4 decades of experience

There are zillions of people in spanking. Contact me & I'll tell you how to hook up with someone in your area to beat your butt. It really shouldn't be a big deal.

I agree with the advice Mich. gave you above!

You really want a spanking? Date a cop. Most people are afraid they'll get arrested or get in trouble if they do it. Try spanking personals but only the couples, not a single man. Couples are safe as ther is someone who can referee the spanking. BSDM and DD are not the same thing. You don't want pain, you want discipline with a caring person.

Eproj, Thanks very true!

We true spankos have a lot of trouble finding each other outside of the Internet! But using extreme caution, it can be done online. And I can say the reward is unbelievable!! When a guy who loves to spank meets his female counterpart the results are pure erotic loving heaven for both!!! Don't give up! Be be very, very, very careful and be sure who you meet in person! In time, we really can find each other!

A good way to introduce the matter with your lover is to give yourself a spanking in front of him and then to tell him that it did not really hurt and that he can tell that it turned you on. I am quite sure that after spanking yourself that you would be wet. then to ask shyly if next time he would do the honours. This is what I did to introduce my wife to spanking me. I had purchased from an adult shop a suitable implement and asked my wife to have a look at something that I had on the top shelf of our wardrobe and then proceeded to give myself a ********* with it. Me spanking myself got my wife excited and next time she very happily complied with my request. It has just got better and better from then on til now. I hope this helps.

Me also! I'm in South Africa

If we are close to each other i would love to put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom.

I will put you over my knee and spank you hard

Well, sweetie, I am willing to give you the spanking that you crave!<br />
<br />
Ready?<br />
<br />
<br />
Wow! Your butt has turned red!

I have no idea. I can't imagine why, unless you are a bbw>?

To Julia or anyother "young" lady..I have been a disciplinarian all my adult life...I use my firm hand and or a paddle or hairbrush depending on the need for "real" discipline. Sedrious spankings end in tears. I would love to discuss this with women who have the need for serious spanking therapy in their lives. I am fun, loving and sane. my email is getmethepaddle@yahoo.com

Contact me, juliaclaire. I'd love to put you over my knee. chuckeyb52@yahoo.com

<br />
My Mum could also do the job. I can say that from first hand experience. Would love to chat to you, yours are for pleasure mine just for the pain LOL

as a young teen I get spanked at home. I am okay with the mild ones it is just a case of lying there and waiting till it is over. The bad ones are those I do not like. Mum and Dad seem to know how to do that.<br />
<br />
Lookig for pen friends on any subject

well young lady feel free to correspond

Doesn't help me!

I'd do that for you. I have over 40yrs. in the spanking lifestyle.

I'd do that for you. I have over 40yrs. in the spanking lifestyle.

I'm looking for a woman who can do the spanking.

I just cannot understand why it is said as being so difficult to find a disciplinarian. I am a strict Spank daddy with my services free. There are a number of us with free services but we are not overworked. Just contact My e-mail williamhtaylor@btopenworld.com and chat.

Hi Tanya, thanks for the answer. I'm a tough guy, so your mother must swing her hand very strong to make an impression on my backside!

Hi Tanya, I didn't try to put you off. I just said be careful. There are a lot of sharks out there who might be abusers! Then it's difficult to get rid of them again.<br />
A spanking from your mom would be welcomed. Is she a strong lady?

Hi Christine, welcome here. I trust that we will have a story from you soon.

I am with you all on this. I love the thought of being held down across someones knee and having my bottom soundly spanked.<br />
<br />

just ask me. i'm here in va beach waiting for you.

Buncho, excellent, you could not have described it better!!

I'm ready whenever you are, sweetie! Do you prefer me using my hand or my paddle?

Yes Girl. i have the same dreams!

I have had a few who would at times, but my last lover was so into it. He was the dominant 95% of the time, and I find the withdrawal really pronounced. I find that our roles were so entrenched that I could not say no to him. Our lives have moved on, but the memories of being called out of a deep sleep one morning, instructed to 'put on a dress and be ready for a good spanking in ten minutes' is still an opiate.

Finding a partner who is "into" spanking is a really hard job. Since my youth I've only been able to enjoy such exploits with just two ladies. It's only now that I realise how fortunate I have been. <br />
However the need lingers on.

Girlwonderer, How lucky can you be!! 1, to give a spanking and afterwards, to receive one. The sex afterwards, toooo nice!!

Oupa, <br />
<br />
Yep. The one I had was lovely. There was no explaining or having to delve into self-consciousness from feeling that it was weird or unacceptable; it was just right and needed. Beautiful. He's gone now, for a while, maybe forever, but the memories of the authenticity, the pain and the release will hold me in good stead for a while, anyways. I had to give him a spanking the last time we met up - he had been naughty and certainly deserved it, but after, I was on a bit of a cocky high horse, and ended up being hurled over his lap and sorted out right smartly. Turns out, he had planned that intricacy.

Girlwonderer, I have the same feelings on spanking Too nice!!<br />
Yes, it's difficult to get a disciplinarian.

I find that the anticipation of getting a spanking and the spanking itself is an opportunity to not be in control at all. I find this a really lovely release and it calms me. The idea and memory of past spankings turns me on and even the word 'spanking' gets under my skin. But I have only had two men who were really into spanking. I had to tell one of them, and the other told me he was into it before we met.

Praxis,<br />
We need it because it is calming/stressreleving and highly eoric!<br />
<br />
Julia,<br />
Buncho is right. They say; 'I don't like to hurt the person i love'. I think you are in a better position as me, if you follow B's advice. Sometimes my wife does it for me, but it's halfharted. I must be thankfull for that!<br />
Good luck, Oupa

It is very true that most people - regardless of gender - are initially turned off by the idea. I think those who haven't thought of spanking as arousing immediately think of abuse. They think - "You want me to hurt you? I would never do that!" because that's where their minds jump. The following assumes a healthy relationship is present without any physical abuse...<br />
If I were looking to be spanked (which I am) and I was a woman (which I not)...<br />
I would start to slap the man's bottom whenever he said or did anything that could be seen as a joke or slightly naughty. Perhaps even threaten to take him over your knee or get your belt out. In jest, of course, but get the subject out there at least in passing.<br />
Should he slap your butt back - react with giggles or hug him - give him positive reinforcement that this is OK. <br />
Even if he doesn't smack your butt back, keep doing it. <br />
If he protests it in any way or acts like you're doing something odd, positive is still the way to go. "Does it hurt your little butt when I spank it? Awwww." might be one response to his. "Does it arouse you or something? That's surprizing... I was just teasing."<br />
If he insists you stop it, tell him he'll have to make you stop. And then playfully stick your tounge out at him.<br />
If your man watches or reads **** (we all do, but I mean that you're aware of) and you can find an image of a spanking or implied spanking - have him "catch" you being aroused by it. Or "accidentally" leave a web page open about women who love getting spankings. <br />
Here's another idea. Get a spanking paddle, and make up an excuse to have it (you found it somewhere, someone gave it to you as a joke, it was left in the front yard, imagine that). Show it to him, laughing, "Look at this thing!" Swing it a few times for fun, smack it on your hand threateningly. "Pretend" it turns you on. Threaten to go to town on his *** with it, jokingly, and then get all serious, telling him that it wouldn't really be a turn-on to spank him, but you would be willing to try that kind of thing if that's what he wanted and you would hope he would try it on you if you really wanted him to.<br />
And then bring it to your bedside. Tell him you feel bad, that you were being goofy and silly when you should have an honest relationship. And then tell him you bought the paddle on a whim because the idea of him using it on you just made you weak-kneed and wet.<br />
<br />
Now if there is a guy out there that wouldn't oblige at that point, dump his *** or resign yourself to a boring marriage. Just my opinion.<br />
<br />
Best of luck getting your lickings......

Yes, why is it so hard to get a good spanking. Are there no ladies that can provide a hiding?, or just tell me how you would administer one!

why exactly do you need this?