My Substitute Mother

My best best friend's mom has depression, same as me. She understands me actually more than my own mom. Yesterday Sam told me his mom was in the mental hospital. We came home to our neighborhood on the bus and saw that her car was there.... we ran inside and both gave her big hugs. I saw she had a bandaid on her wrist and Sam didn't.
Later, I told him what I saw. He said she was just picking at scabs there. I didn't believe it. I spent two hours sobbing last night, for Sam and for his mother. I knew it was true.
This morning he came up to my house and said he had an awful morning. My brother was there, who hangs out with us. We had told my brother that Sam's mom was in the hospital for a bad stomach virus because Sam didn't want to tell him and I agreed.
All Sam said to me was, "you were right about what you thought." I had to leave the room and cry again. I had really wanted to have been wrong.
Sam's parents are divorced, and now his dad wants full custody. I've been texting Sam's mom all day because we're really close. I finally told her about my depression, so we've been talking about it. Finally an adult who understands it.
She thanked me so much for being there with Sam. She told me he is the light of her life and she's so sorry she hurt him. She said he thinks the world of me and so does she. She begged me to make him talk about it so he can communicate. I need his friendship and I need her guidance. I'm so glad she's okay for now.
alixi alixi
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013