My Shrink Committed Suicide

In this life it is rare that you find someone who you can depend on to give you consistently good advice. Someone who knows everything about you and can advise you because you have shared the darkest details of your life with them....I had someone like that. She was my psychologist for over 5 years and she committed suicide in October. She was a beautiful, sensitive, courageous woman who I came to love and care about very much. When we think about psychologists we tend to think they can overcome hardships because they have all the tools...but we never think they would become so hopeless as to kill themselves because they gave us so much hope. This woman took with her all my hurts, my victories, my abuses, my weaknesses, my failures, and my dreams. Her suicide broke my heart and left me wondering how someone I looked up to so much, a mental health professional at could she take her own life? Didn't she know how much everyone loved her? I will never be able to open up to another shrink again like I did with her. I saw her from the time I was 25 to 30. I went through so much this year and I'll never be able to tell nephew died, my grandmother died, my marriage could fall apart, and her death broke me. It's ironic- I want to talk to her about how her death affected me- like they're not the same person....but I guess they're not. The wise woman who held my hand and hugged me when I cried was not the same woman who left behind a 12 year old son. The woman who pushed me not to be scared of success or failure couldn't face another day of darkness and slipped into it for eternity. The woman who I have to thank for how far I've come in life today is gone. The woman who I idolized, respected, loved, and trusted with everything that I am couldn't see past her own pain. I just want her back- for selfish reasons, yes but if only for her son's sake I could accept that. When I went to her funeral and saw him for the first time my heart broke into a million pieces. I can't imagine losing my mother at that age...this really has me torn up inside.

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i would suggest getting up on a high building and jumping off.......
or overdose of sleeping pills.....
or buy a gun and shoot yourself in the head....

My daughter died of suicide a year ago. I wrote a book on how Im recovering from it. Let me know if you'd like to chat, or have any questions :)

I have no doubt about this story's truth, for many reasons. My wife and I are both therapists and have struggled. My wife is currently struggling very deeply and is frequently suicidal. Many people are drawn to professional helping because of their own demons. Being a therapist is also an incredibly stressful job. Given that there are always more people to help and our nature to want to help we too often focus on others and not enough on ourselves, which is always a recipe for disaster. Lastly, we're also human and that means we struggle and find it hard to do what we should sometimes. It does't matter who you are or what you do, it's easier to give advice to someone else than to take it.

i agree with you

This story is not true. This is made up because it does not have enough details. Also how is it possible that a person who councels people will commit suicide!

It's really hard to know who is contemplating suicide these days. There are homeless people who live day to day for years without considering suicide, while you can have celebrities, and other successful people just do it. It's hard to tell who will go next.

It seems some people have a thorough perspective about themselves and can overcome those factors that get them down either by themselves and/or a good support network...

That's because depression happens at all levels, and sometimes, not even the best doctors, medicine and support, can be enough. When you feel like you need to go, you will go no matter who tries to save you.

Well I've heard statistically speaking more males follow through than females so that very well may be true

Males are more successful at it than females. You have to consider that for males, bringing suicide to light is more shameful for them than for females. That's because if you find out that a female attempted suicide, you'd most likely feel empathetic. If it was the same case for a male, you'd most likely feel like "what a coward for trying to take his own life. he can't handle it or what?". And this is true. Sometimes, for men, it's a bigger burden to not be able to go with the act because of the aftermath. You lose your reputation, you have a new label in society, and your family will be scared for you (this one applies to females as well).

Yeah its the same for a number of things ( different type of stigma depending on gender ) such as sexual orientation etc.

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I can't imagine - hope it has gotten better since then...

wow... like you say, I always think that psychologist have all the tool to overwhelm their problem... thanks for sharing... make me aware that they are just human...

I heard psychiatrists and psychologists have a high suicide rate because they are always listening to other people's problems.

Wow.. i never thought this cud happen at all until now. No one is really bullet proof from suicidal thoughts..

So sorry. This is one of the greatest tragedies in life. Even the ones who seem like they have it all, really don't. If she saw herself the way you do, maybe she'd be here still, today. I really hope she gets to feel peace in the next life. I'm so sad for her son. But you were a very good friend and I'm sure she knows it...

Sorry about all your losses.<br />
<br />
Sometimes even doctors can have the same issues like all of us.

I'm sorry about your loss. Do you know how she did it?

There is nothing I could say that would make you feel any better, and I'm sorry just doesn't seem to be enough. I've been with my "shrink" for 10yrs and so I can only imagine your pain. I hope that someday you will be able to open yourself up. I know that if it wasn't for my Dr. I would be one of these stories. If you ever need to just talk or blow off some steam, I'd be there to listen.......KEYNA