In Memory Of Brandon

Growing up i lived around the corner from this kid who use to belittle me all the time and then i moved away and we became best friends we were always talking about our lives and how they had changed and the fact that we had kids and how our relationships were going then one day a friend of mine sent me a message letting me know he had passed away, i was devastated and hurt because i had heard so many rumors that i couldn't even go to the funeral.. about a year and a half later there was a memorial group created on a social networking site which i got in contact with his mother on and explained who i was and a few months after talking on and off we had decided to go for a coffee and that's when the truth came out.. I was sitting there with this amazing strong willed women who i had just met face to face only to find out that her son who will always in my heart be one of my best friends had committed suicide and there was nothing that day that hurt as bad... it's going on 4 yrs that he's been gone and i wish there was something more i could have done
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My daughter died of suicide a year ago. I wrote a book on how Im recovering from it. Let me know if you'd like to chat, or have any questions :)