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My mother committed suicide back in the early 1990. After all of these years I have still not gotten over it and it is just like it was yesterday. Every time I hear a story of suicide I get cold all over and freeze up and can almost not function. I feel for anyone out here that has had to go threw this with a family member or friend
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My daughter died of suicide a year ago. I wrote a book on how Im recovering from it. Let me know if you'd like to chat, or have any questions :)

It is hard to get over it even after as many years as it has been for me.

I hear you. Its so traumatic for everyone. It affects so many not just the who left. Its like an atom bomb being dropped on you. Its that painful. Its really helped me to write about it. And talk about it. Youve got to get it put of your system. Pain has to be expressed.

Very true. I wrote several pages or a letter to my mother. Getting all the hurt anger and guilt out. It helped a lot. I still have times when it will bother me like when I hear about someone who has killed themselves. I work more on now not following in my mother's foot steps which, I have gotten a lot better then I did have 20 years ago.

We all try and improve on what our parents provided us (including genetics). That can be hard, because tendencies, patterns and personalities can be handed down generation to generation, and as much as we don't want to repeat dysfunction, it gets transmitted. I think the only thing we can do is to be as self-aware as possible, to watch ourselves as objectively as we can, and to be open to change and improvement.

This is very true.

I wanted to invite you to listen to my first radio interview on Sept. 1st at 10am (PST-US), but you can hear it anytime after that. Im going to talk about my daughters suicide. Id really appreciate your comments/suggestions/feedback:

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