My Mum Worked At A Mental Health Unit

My mum has now retired from her job as a Mental health nurse, and as soon as she did a man who was in the ward for a long time for depression and suicide, finally did as the staff didn't look after him like my mum did. See my mum said that eventually he could of got better and lived his life, he would have still had to go to prison though. I don't agree at all, I think that if you want to committ suicide, you should sign a form and then they give you a tablet that kills you or something. Or you can committ suicide the way you want without anyone stopping you. The extremes the man went to was ridiculous, he hung himself but from the side, to a tap or his wardrobe door because there were no ledges or lights he could of upwards. The length of time he must of just stood there and waited to die is ridiculous, and I'm sorry he had to committ suicide that way, but I'm also glad he has found his peace and I hope he is happy now.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

People die, that is life I guess. At least your mom didn't really care for him since he was a patient. She only had to pretend that she did.

For some people, trying to commit suicide is just a cry for help or attention. If treated properly, these people can go on to live happy lives. In other cases, people that are determined enough will succeed. My hope is that God watches over these people and the ones that don't really want to die, get saved; and the other ones are at peace now.