I Like Making People Happy.

I remember, twice in one month two years ago, I saw in the news that two different people committed suicide and said the same thing. That if just one person had just noticed them that day they would not have done it. So, ever since then I just randomly smile and wave at every person I see, even when I'm driving, well not every person, but as much as I can.
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My daughter died of suicide a year ago. I wrote a book on how Im recovering from it. Let me know if you'd like to chat, or have any questions :)

Yeah but you just insult people here...such a hypocritical bloke

I don't insult anyone.

Sure you don't.

I don't understand what you want, you don't seem very friendly though :D

I don't understand what you want, you don't seem very friendly though :D

You insulted my friend. And that wasn't nice. You want people to make people happy but twats and blokes like you, just like to add more Problems and conflicts on others. Why?

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I do as many things as I can, but I'm to poor to buy myself dinner most of the time :D.

Lol, thanks, and ma3v3, people do call me insane, and that's okay, I think being sane isn't a real thing anyway, when Buddha and other spiritual leaders had the same ideas as schizophrenics. And being considered sane in today's world means that you take pills be like everyone else, don't ever try to be like anyone else, just be yourself.

You just made my day! I will try to follow your steps. Hopefully no one would accuse me of being insane though =))

You sound like someone that has really good values, way to go! :)

Thanks, but I don't like to take pride in anything, lol sounds weird to say, but I just live life and try to remove the ego from existence.

Your a good guy, you should be proud of yourself