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The guy I dated before the last X killed himself less than a year after we broke up.  He had broken up with his next girlfriend, his mom would not let him stay with her.  He was staying in a friends computer store and hung himself.  I cried.  I still considered him a friend, a lost soul.  You cant make some people see the good in their lives.  I told his mom when we broke up that he was suicidal then, and she did not believe me.  It made it harder to split with the last X even though I should have.  He threatened the same thing and after it happens to one, you sort of believe the next.

36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Why was he suicidal?

Thanks, I have realized that I date the fun ones which dont turn out to be the stable ones.... But where to meet a good one that also understands my not so normal needs...Thank the lord for EP so that I can talk through them without actually going out for a while.