A Whole New Meow Mix

2 stories really that I was reminded of when I heard the title of the group, I'll keep them kinda short :)

STORY 1:  Going to a nearby chinese restaurant, walking in I noticed a family of stray cats outside.  It was so cute to see... problem was, walking out, ther was no sign of cats anywhere lol  I know that it's wrong to find a mix of amusement and fear in this fact, but I far prefer to think the cats got tired of waiting for scraps.


STORY 2: Going to a chinese buffet in downtown Portland, I was greeted by giant pictures of cats on the wall... unable to resist the joke, I asked him if that was the menu..  He laughed and hit me, but then quickly got a concerned look on his face, causing me to break into a fit of almost maniacal laughter.  Once we got our food and sat down, I meowed when he took a bite.. now I KNOW it was wrong, but I keep telling you people.. I'm not a well person :)

BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Creepy... and funny. :)<br />
I love your stories.

Hahah, definitely.. best to not know and go with the assumption that it's delicious "chicken" as labeled. :)

lol I consider it a case of ignorance is bliss :)

Hahah.. made me laugh. Very interesting stories there - as many as I've been to, I've not had any experience quite like that at the Chinese restaurants here. Very creepy regarding the large pictures of the cats, ahaha. But I've always figured, if it's cat or dog, it's at least tasty. ;D