They Are Something...

I too know of my  fair share of beautiful people. One particular person is like a sister to me. She's beautiful in both beauty and brain. I've often wondered how she could put up with listening to me, as a child, a teen, and now a young woman with issues that may sometimes or even all the time be so small. I admire her because she is what beauty is. I can only hope to be as beautiful in half than in full, the way she is. To the sister from another kin, thank you and you are in fact... Beautiful.

There is a man that I've come to know fairly well in these past few months. I see his beauty in his personality, his looks, his clever jokes, and most of all in his kind heart. These are of just a few things to be admired about him. I liked these traits so much... I fell in love. Yet, he just can't seem to understand why. There are things that I don't love about myself, but he looks at me and sees different. Just the same as he sees things he wishes he could change about himself, but in all honesty I think he's beautiful. Yes, beautiful. I want to paint him in my memory, so that it lasts forever. Gold is what I've been handed...and I would have been thankful with silver.

There are two of the many beautiful that I know... and an expression of two different kinds of love.

Ashwe20 Ashwe20
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010