Couldnt Make It Home

I was walking home from school and i had to go really bad and i hate using the bathrooms at school... anyway about half way home i started cramping and i just stood there and felt myself losing control and i started pooping my pants. I wqas like OMG and i was scared someone would notice the bulge or the smell so i took a shortcut through the woods to get to my house.  By the time i got home i was a total mess and had to trow my undies away..  Ive never told anyne this before.
johnnysees johnnysees 16-17, M 6 Responses Dec 3, 2007

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U got a kik? Or me

You have to try that same experience in Molicare or someother disposable diapers and you will never go back to being in anything else. The explosion you will get is unlike anything else you will ever experience, that is the way it is with us girls guys have to be the same?

Have you pooped your pants anymore since then? I hope you at least somewhat enjoyed your pooped pants experience. Try doing it again. Sit in it, squish it around before cleaning yourself up.

Sounds like fun. I hope you sat in it before cleaning up.

Omg these make me laugh so hard, haha. It's alright.

awww, thanx 4 sharing. I had something like that happen to me once too.