Wedding Pooper Blooper

My cousin in Scotland sent me an email today of an article in a newspaper back there.It was about a couple who got married,the bride in white and the groom in highland dress and like any true scotsman he did not wear any underpants beneath his kilt.He sat on the bride's knee for a photo and apparently had not wiped his rear properly after going to the toilet.When he got up off the bride's knee he had left an enormous skid mark on her lovely white wedding dress.The wedding reception changed into a fight between the two families until the police intervened and restored peace.The poopy couple remembered very little of it later when they had sobered up.What a wedding day!
Rapolis Rapolis 66-70, M 2 Responses Jun 6, 2011

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Wow, that's a hell of a story! The moral of the story: ALWAYS wear underpants when you're sitting on your bride's lap for a photo. Either that, or learn how to wipe!

I wonder if they got that photo in their wedding album or is that all BUM.Happy pooping.