I Paid My Neighbors Daughter $40 Dollers To Poop Her Pants Pt2

well i would never think that this girl would ask me can she poop herself for money because the first time i asked her did she want to do it but now she wanted to do it again.

well 2 years have passed by since Jaylin pooped her pants that day and now she i 13 years old and heres how the story started.
i was at my neighbors house and i was playing a video game and as i was playing i seen jaylin sitting on the seat in the livingroom she kept rubbing her belly and i seen that her belly was kinda big like she was pregnet i asked her is she was ok and then she blushed and said that she was not pooped for a week.
she said that her belly hurts so i said aww poor baby so i told her go to the bathroom and poop she told me that she was holding it for a reason i asked her why and she told me that she needed some money and that she wanted to see if i give it to her if she pooped herself.
i told her that if she wants ill give her 40 dollers and she said ok she was wearing some orange shorshorts and a baby blue tanktop well back to the story her mom and dad were not home so we were good so she got on her knees and started to push and push but nothing cam out she gave it another go but still nothing came out she was so backed up that she drank some prune juce to help her.
finally the prune juce was kicking in because jaylins stomach was gurgleling and she was holding it.
so i told her to give it a go and she started to push she asked me can she hold my hand and i said yeah so as she was pushing she got red and all i herd was one big wet fart and i began to smell it i looked in the back of her shorts and i seen a baby lump that was growing she looked so cute pooping her little shortshorts then i herd another wet fart and thats when the poop really started comeing out.
jaylin stoped for a second and then started to poop again the poop in the back of her shorts was as big as a soft ball but she was not done yet she told me that there was more inside her and that she had to get it out now she already had alot of poop in her short but she gave one good push and a big watery fart comes flying out with watery poop i seen her shrort kinda vibrate she said that now she was done and that she felt good she aske be did i want to feel her bum so that i can feel what she made and i said yeah it was warm and bloby.
i said wow you really had to go theres alot in there jalin said i feel much better i told her i bet jaylin said that she likes pooping herself and that she wants to get some diapers and poop and pee herself that she does not have to worry about going to the bathroom in school.
the end
ps i was 15 when this happen
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May 14, 2012