I Seen My Friends Kid Poop Herself Two Weeks Ago

well this happen to me about two weeks ago i took a trip to go see my best friend in rochester new york because i have not seen her in a year she wanted to see me.
Well she has two little girls one is 10 or 11 i dont remeber and her name is Jessica and the younger one is 8 and her name is Jennifer well there mom had to go out and she asked me can i watch the 2 girls so i said it was cool.
So she went to out and me and to 2 girls went out to eat and go to the playground so as the day went on the girls got wet in the water park and had fun so it was time to go home the girls got out of there wet clothes Jessica put on a purple shirt with shorts and Jennifer put on a pink shirt with a little blue jean skirt that was like 6 inchs above her knees.
Well back to the story it was 6:35 the girls had some pizza for dinner and were in there bedroom watching TV out of nowhere Jennifer comes running to the livingroom where i was sitting and squats in front of me so i asked her is she ok and she said that Jessica dared her to poop herself and i told her no go to the bathroom and poop she said no at that moment Jennifers face turned beat red and i seen her legs spread open alittle as she was still in the squating position.
and as she said that I herd her poop crackleling as it was comming out of her and it began to smell up the room all i could do was just sit there and watch beacuse it was to late to put her on the toilet.
Jennifer was there for about 10 min without moving from the spot she was squating in she just kept poopong and pooping and i knew she was done when her face was no longer beat red,
When Jennifer was done pooping herself i asked her to come over to me and she got up and waddled over and i lifted up her skirt and seen the monster she had made in her little polka dot panties then she started to cry and say im srry but Jessica dared me so thats why i pooped myself im srry please dont tell mommy.
i then gave her a hug and told her that i will not tell her mother she said that i was the best and smiled at me then she asked me can she stay in her poopy panties for alittle bit before her mom gets home and i said that it was ok.
I asked her did she like to have poopy panties she said yup it feels good i told her that next time ill buy her some pullups so she can poop in them then she gave me a kiss and said thx and that she loved me
PS Jessica got in big trouble i made her wash jennifers poopy panties by hand
Ps this is a true story
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I'm surprised that Jennifer didn't get in trouble for soiling her pants.That's was a very interesting story you posted.I'm glad your shared it.